Sport Podium Creatoria®

Sport Podium, Winners podium we produce in standard dimensions and on specific request, therefore in any shape, size or color. We use different materials, tailored to individual specific needs.

Assembly technology are strictly adapted to the specific conditions of use (hall, playground, swimming pool, slope, ice rink), above all, taking care of the budget (plywood, furniture board, MDF, acrylic board, PVC, steel, glued wood, polystyrene and others). We use materials of the highest quality and certified for production.

Creatoria® has been providing production and design since 1998. From the beginning, we follow the rules; readability, aesthetics, safety and functionality, and our passion is to search for new, original concepts based on proven and available production technology.

We produce sports equipment, furniture, electric vehicles and advertising product. Our products are made from many different, standard and unusual materials. Experience, large production facilities and ingenious solutions also guarantee high quality and originality of the final products.

Features of Sport Podium 

  • Aesthetic and solid construction
  • Folded or non-folded versions
  • The highest quality of assembly
  • Certified non-slip materials
  • Light and durable construction
  • Any shapes and sizes
  • Fully demountable
  • Individual graphic designs



Uniform versions (1 block)

1. NOVA 250x80x60

Total dimensions: 2500x800x600mm (L x W x H).Single Block dimensions: 770x800mm (L x W x H).NF,PVC,FB,U

2. 250x60x54

Total dimensions: 2500x600x540mm (L x W x H).Single Block dimensions: 800x600mm (L x W x H).NF,PVC,FB,U

3. 200x50x50

Total dimensions: 2000x500x500mm (L x W x H).Single Block dimensions: 600x500mm (L x W x H.) NF,PVC,FB,U

Modular versions (+3 blocks)

4. 150×50 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 4500x500x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 1500x500x600mm, 2; 1500x500x450mm, 3; 1500x500x400mm (L x W x H).

5. 120×80 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 3600x800x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 1200x800x600mm, 2; 1200x800x450mm, 3; 1200x800x400mm (L x W x H).

6. 100×100 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 3000x1000x500mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 1000x1000x500mm, 2; 1000x1000x375mm, 3; 1000x1000x335mm (L x W x H).

7. 100×50 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 3000x500x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 1000x500x600mm, 2; 1000x500x450mm, 3; 1000x500x400mm (L x W x H).

8. 90×60 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 2700x600x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 900x600x600mm, 2; 900x600x450mm, 3; 600x600x400mm (L x W x H).

9. 70×70 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 2100x700x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 700x700x600mm, 2; 700x700x450mm, 3; 700x700x400mm (L x W x H).

10. 50×50 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 1500x500x500mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 500x500x500mm, 2; 500x500x375mm, 3; 500x500x335mm (L x W x H).

11. Cylindrical 120 (x3)

Single Block Dimension: 1; 1200x600mm, 2; 1200x450mm, 3; 1200 x 400mm (diameter x H).

12. Olympics 250×120 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 7500x1200x750mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 2500x1200x750mm, 2; 2500x1200x550mm, 3; 2500x1200x450mm (L x W x H).

13. Training (plyometric box) 60×60 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 1800x600x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 600x600x450mm, 2; 600x600x300mm, 3; 600x600x150mm (L x W x H).

14. Bands 250 (x3)

Total dimensions after joining: 7500x500x250mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 2500x250x500mm, 2; 2500x250x400mm, 3; 2500 x 250 x 350mm (L x W x H).

15. SPORTIVO 120×60 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 3900x600x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 1200x600x600mm, 2; 1200x560x450mm, 3; 1200 x 560 x 400mm (L x W x H).

16. 200×60 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 6000x600x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 2000x600x600mm, 2; 2000x600x450mm, 3; 2000 x 600 x 400mm (L x W x H).

17. 200×120 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 6000x1200x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 2000x1200x600mm, 2; 2000x1200x450mm, 3; 2000 x 1200 x 400mm (L x W x H).

18. 250x50x50 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 7500x500x500mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 2500x500x500mm, 2; 2500x500x375mm, 3; 2500 x 500 x 335mm (L x W x H).

19. 120x120x60 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 3600x120x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 1200x1200x600mm, 2; 1200x1200x450mm, 3; 1200 x 1200 x 400mm (L x W x H).

20. 240×120 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 7600x120x550mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 2400x1200x550mm, 2; 2400x1200x280mm, 3; 2400x1200x280mm (L x W x H).

21. Smooth 90×60 (x3)

Total dimension after joining: 2950x640x600mm (L x W x H).
Single Block Dimension: 1; 900x640x600mm, 2; 900x600x450mm, 3; 900x600x400mm (L x W x H).

NF- not foldable (all blocks have the same X, Y dimension and different Z height)
F- foldable (Successive blocks counting from 2 are 5 cm smaller in X, Y dimensions than the previous one)
PVC – poli vinyl chloride (hall, playground, terrain, swimming pool, ice rink, ski slope -100% waterproof )
FB – furniture board (hall, playground, terrain – poor resistance to moisture)
U – uniform (One-piece podium. It cannot be broken down into individual blocks)
M – modular (Podium made of several separate files. They can be moved apart or pushed together to create a compact structure)



1. Standard Configuration

We use an approved 2.5mm-thick, black or gray, pyramid-shaped, non-slip grooved rubber, laminated, glued and secured by 1mm veneer. A perfect and strong solution for both; wet and dry environments in the highes quality of assambly. Standard identification includes 1,2 and 3 markings in any Font style and color, and up to 3 logos on 1 side of the podium in accordance with the approved project, procces by UV printing technology (for PVC) or glued on foil with a hard laminate (FB). The standard base color o the podium is white for FB and PVC. Hand grips are finished in black or white elastic glued veneer. Black plastic, studded footrests (4-6 pcs. on 1 block).

2. Additional configuration

Other type of the tread; Special heavy rubber linings with securing angles and holes draining melted snow (only for the PVC version), hard grooved rubber, fabric coverings, rubber mats, colored micro-rubber, silicone or anti-slip printed foil, etc. Printing UV or or glued foil on the entire 100% surface. Any color of FB boards (black, red, blue, yellow, gray, ect.), textures and surface quality (matt, half-glossy, full glossy on an acrylic board). Other dimensions, proportions or shapes of podiums on individual order is no any problem. Additionally, We produce advertising walls, steps to the podiums, boards, etc. All uniform and modular podiums come in different proportions (ask for the size). We are open to unusual projects, olso. 

3.Remarks before order

CAUTION: Please remember, Folded podiums are heavy when carrying 3 modules at a time and they are only applicable to lower the space above the podium during transport or storage. Sometimes it is worth considering whether is realy need a folded podium in which the next blocks must be smaller than the previous ones.


Delivery on euro pallets or dedicated pallets (mode then (120x80cm), with a protection in the form of MDF boxes. For wholesale orders, we prepare assembly kits in cardboard boxes for self-assembly. Delivery quotation We send after completing the inquiry form after providing the delivery address.


Warranty for all Our product is 12 months with the possibility of extension. After ordering any product, we send the Customer the Warranty documents, risk analysis, warranty conditions and information on the principles of safe use for everyone. Most of the models are fully disassembled, so the Customer can order a damaged element in the future. In accordance with the principles of security and functionality, we do everything to minimize any possible problems in the future. During and after the warranty period, we are available 5 days a week from 8.00-16.00. The replacement of a damaged components takes up to several days. The actual shipment of the ordered damaged components takes about 14 days in UE area.



NIP: 657-149-75-57
e-mail: baza@creatoria.pl
phone: +48 504 121 510


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On the Creatoria® Sport Podium, every Master will feel confident and the souvenir photos will gain aesthetics and originality.

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